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write boot to boot                                                              
iPXE> imgfree                                                                   
iPXE> set b800public 1                                                          
iPXE> set keymap keymap=se                                                      
iPXE> autoboot                                                                  
net0: 52:54:00:12:34:56 using undionly on 0000:00:02.0 (Ethernet) [open]        
  [Link:up, TX:289052 TXE:1 RX:289063 RXE:15]                                   
  [TXE: 1 x "Network unreachable (http://ipxe.org/28086011)"]                   
  [RXE: 15 x "The socket is not connected (http://ipxe.org/380a6001)"]          
Configuring (net0 52:54:00:12:34:56)...... ok                                   
net0: gw                                       
Next server:                                                           
Filename: install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.ipxe                           
tftp:// ok               
install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.ipxe : 474 bytes [script]                
install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.lkrn... ok                               
install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.igz... ok                                
install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.lkrn : 4080576 bytes [bzImage] [SELECTED]
 "root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc keymap=se looptype=squashfs loop=/image.squashfs 
cdroot initrd=install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.igz vga=791"               
install-amd64-minimal-20210728T123444Z.igz : 408667608 bytes                    
write boot to boot                                                              
iPXE> chain http://b800.org                                                     
http://b800.org... ok